Safe sex is spoken about more these days ever since the outbreak of CoronaVirus on a global scale. It is important to understand that sexually transmitted diseases are not fun and some can kill you.

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While it is a known fact that you are far safer sleeping with a Sex Worker or Adult Services Provider than a random at a bar (yes, that is true – because Escorts treat their body like a temple, their body is their business. If that is broken, they cannot work!), still many people forget to take their sexual health seriously.

It is important to protect yourself from infections and diseases and keeping safe should be the top of your list when considering sex with anyone you do not know.

Safe Sex In Melbourne Brothels.
In legal brothels (just like Club 8 Melbourne), the Female Escorts you will meet are far safer, health-wise, than the general population; even more so when it comes to illegal brothels that pose as massage parlors where the owners are often shady characters in the adult industry.
We see too many adult businesses come and go in the Australian Adult Industry that seem to slip under the radar and cause people around the world significant health concerns and grievances, so it is important you choose a Legally Trading and Ethically Managed Brothel in Melbourne.
The law places a very heavy regulatory burden on licensed owners, yes we go have to jump through a lot of hoops and follow very strict guidelines to protect the safety of Our Girls and our Clients at Club8 Melbourne, otherwise we can face being fined and worse shut down.
Online Sex Dating – “Blip, you’ve matched!”
It is very exciting when you match with someone online, after all let’s face it, as humans we are all very social creatures who crave the human touch and intimacy. We should not be ashamed of that feeling or that desire, it is natural and healthy!
However, it is important to understand the risk that comes with online dating. The internet is filled with predatory types who will try and manipulate you into doing something you do not want to do, or worse try and physically harm you. In the United Kingdom more than 400 cases of rape and sexual assault have been reported in the last two-three years because of Dating Apps.
We always recommend that when setting up a date with an Online Lover, consider doing a video call or taking selfies of each other doing funny little things like poking out your tongue or a hand gesture, to confirm that the person is who they say they are.

The Simple Solution – Choose An Escort.

If you have sex in a licensed brothel you are going to be safe medically and you have the very real assurance that you will not be physically harmed in your sleep. At Club 8 Melbourne all of our escorts photos on our website are real and show what Our Girls  look like before you decide to meet them in-person at our Licensed Brothel in Springvale.

Our brothel practices safe sex and we take the hygiene and safety of our escorts seriously just as much as we do for our clients who visit us from across Melbourne, Australia and the world to meet with our international escorts at our award winning brothel.

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